Thedigital camera is one of the popular cameras that are in use now a day. This type of camera is used everywhere. Not only common people but professional photographer also makes use of this type of camera. But most of the people are confused regarding whether this type of camera is better than the DSLR camera. So before going for any of these types of camera you should know about the difference between these types of camera. Before starting off with the difference you should at first know about “SLR” which is a single lens reflex. This means that in the DSLR camera you can remove the lens whenever required according to your need. The ordinary SLR camera looks like the conventional film based SLR camera that you get in the Eye Camera security market. The DSLR camera is that camera that can be used by you for some complex use. With the help of this type of digital camera before taking the image of anything you can easily adjust the focus,Guest Posting light etc of the camera. After taking the snap you can also change or edit the image and if you do not like the image you can even delete the image too. With the help of the DSLR camera you can change the focus and the shutter sped and the zoom ability of the camera at any time. This is one of the most important advantages of this type of digital camera. Some of this type aspect of the digital cameras is automatically set in the DSLR camera. Because of this reason this type of camera is very popular now a day. With the help of the preset ability of the DSLR camera some of the functions of the camera are automatically set. With the help of this type of the digital camera you can take some of the close up image of the things. The picture that you take with the help of this type of camera is also of very high quality. The professional photographers also prefer this type of camera because this type of camera gives them the perfect preview of the framing of the image. The DSLR camera also comes with different types of lens that you do not get with most of the digital camera. Some of the type of lens that you get with the DSLR camera is the wide angle lens, telephoto lens and macro lens. This type of lens you do not get with digital camera.